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Welcome to the


This is a new war farming alliance/ league, 100 clans strong as we open for business. We have some important goals and credentials:

~limiting long win and loss streaks for our member clans

~operating as a FAMILY, with limited rules and regulations , freeing our reps to be able to enjoy COC as well as their clanmates

~using the expertise of our admin team, many of whom have experience from other alliances, to facilitate the growth of our FAMILY, and the satisfaction of our members

~bringing JOY back to war farming!

You can be a part of this exciting new league, when you choose to join our FAMILY


in the spirit of simplicity, please note our requirements:

~ each member clan must have 50 players for matching when the search begins

~ each player in your clan must have a compliant, war farming base set active for war

~to help you achieve a high match rate, the war weight and town hall composition of member clans will be known. Adherence to the guidelines is voluntary, but are for your benefit

~ as usual , no representative or rep, should ever share our sync time, a rule common to all leagues

~here is the TH composition needed for entry

TH12 - 6 minimum
TH11- 12 minimum
[total combined TH11 and TH12 shall not below 18]
TH10 - 15 minimum
TH9 - the balance
TH8 - one maxed allowed for weight balancing

2 bases allowed in the “engineered” class , provided they have war weight of 60k plus

These numbers are not written in stone, and your entry admin has discretion in the decision. WE WANT YOU WITH US , and we will work to make that happen!

Quote of the day: Live Life